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Present-day Christians are very privileged to obtain the Bible from so many sources and in such numerous varieties. With the Internet it is also much easier, and several translations of the Bible is readily obtainable for students, pastors, or anyone that wants to use an electronic Bible. There are also devotions, gospel music, commentaries, study guides and much more. And moreover, many of these are FREE.

Many Bibles are already out of copyright and may thus be used freely and to your heart's content. Some of the Bibles in this group are the King James Version (1611), the American Standard Version (1901), North-Sotho (1951), Cherokee New Testament (1860), Tsonga (1929), Zulu (1959), the Russian Synodal Translation (1876), the Arabic Bible (1865), the Danish Bible (1871), the German Tafelbibel (1911), the Spanish Bible (1569), French Bibles (1744, 1923), the Dutch Statenvertaling (1618/19) and last but not least, the Afrikaans Bible 1933/1953 translation.

Visit any of the following websites to learn more.

E-Sword  (
This free Bible software offers many useful and interesting features for the Christian, including:
Graphic resources, such as beautiful NASA maps, classic Bible maps, and a Bible atlas
More than 50 translations and versions, including Afrikaans, English (King James Version and American Standard Version, etc.), Hebrew, Greek, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, and more
Up to 4 versions can be read in parallel
Dictionaries and glossaries
Daily devotions
Personal Study Notes
The Sword Project  (
This free Bible software has similar features to the
e-Sword.  It is available for Windows, Linux, Macintosh, and more. It's features include:
Numerous Bible texts, in various languages, from Afrikaans and Arabic to Swahili and Xhosa
Lexicons and dictionaries
Daily devotionals
General books

This software is also Open Source, which allows any person to modify the program code, if desired.

Audio Treasure  (

Indeed a lovely treasure of a website to visit. The visually impaired, as well as anyone who enjoys listening to Bible narrations, will appreciate the free audio products offered here in the popular MP3 format.  Recordings are available in many languages, including English, Mandarin, Arabic, Hebrew, Slovak, Punjabi, Cantonese, Hindi, Tamil, Urdu, Polish and Spanish.

There are also links to other sources where Bibles and Christian audio material may be downloaded.

New additions to this website are downloads of Free Christian Worship Songs and Hymns, with links to Free Christian ( and Classic Audio Books. The audio is available in MP3, AAC and M4B formats, to use with a MP3 player or an Ipod.

Our thanks to the persons who design and maintain these and similar websites, where Christians can feel at home. It is a privilege and a joy to have these resources available, to help us to better understand the Word of God.



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