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Some ARK Web Design Clients

  • Bekering
    Choose Life: Now and Forever!

  • Riana Mouton
    Riana Mouton, the well known Christian singer's website, with more infomation about her ministry and singing career. It includes interviews, visits to places all over South Africa, and more information about her CDs, DVDs and videos.

  • Riana Mouton se Internetwinkel
    Riana Mouton's online shop/store, where her products such as CDs, DVDs and videos can be bought. Downloadable music is also available as well as nice gifts for special events.

  • Pieter Mouton
    "Ri's Werkswinkel": The site for Pieter Mouton's workshop, where farm implements, tractors and other heavy machinery are serviced, repaired and rebuilt.
  • Cool Shop
    Cool Creations has an Internet shop where all the Cool Creations products can directly be purchased online. This wonderful product range includes items such as bags, clothing, kitchen linen and bags, baby bags and various types of linen, including lovely embroidered washcloths, sheets, pillowcases and towels, as well as gorgeous embroidery and ribbon embellished ring cushions. Bookmarks, patches, Christmas gifts, not to mention Christmas stockings and such, are also available. Visit the Cool Creations Shop to see all these wonderful products embroidered with distinguished designs.

  • Jannie Theron
    Jannie Theron is a talented South African gospel singer. He sings beautiful songs like "The old rugged cross" and "Why me Lord?".

  • Cool Creations
    A large assortment of handbags, backpacks, clothes, patches, baby and guest room linen, scatter cushions, lovely tablecloths and much more, decorated with beautiful embroidery.

  • Cool Designs
    An outstanding sample collection of embroidery designs presented by Cool Creations. The designs include numerous themes such as nature, incorporating animals, flowers, trees and bouquests, events such as weddings and Christmas, items such as toys with teddy bears and dolls, transport, hats and hearts. There are also designs for fantasyland, the sea and art, with among others Christian items like crosses and angels, and many other themes.

  • Kaleidoskoop
    Truth or Fallacy: Concepts in Perspective.

  • Piazza
    A friendly marketplace exhibiting various artworks, including paintings.

  • Embroideryland
    A lovely collections of designs for art embroidery on products such as handbags, pencil cases, kitchen linen and so on. Numerous themes are included like nature, animals, sports, art and exceptional designs with Christian themes including crosses and angels.

  • Maggie's Exquisite Artworks
    Truly exquisite artworks in flamboyant nature paintings.



Archive Websites

NB: The website below, was last updated in 2015

  • Boer Festival
    Learn more about the Boer Festival in Utrecht. The website also includes other information about Utrecht, like historical places to visit, the scenic landscape and the wildlife in the area.

NB: The website below, was last updated in 2012 (Reviewed: October 2014)

  • Marie Smith: Artist
    Paintings by the talented painter Marie Smith, display the beautiful scenery of the rural Hantam area. This site includes information about tourist attractions in Calvinia, as well as guesthouses, the Tankwa National Park and Little Canyon Trail. Tasty recipes for rusks are also on the site.

NB: These websites listed below, were last updated in 2001 (Reviewed: October 2014)




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